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“MI Pro allows me to do things that no other tool can – create exciting and engaging surveys that ensures data quality.”

Line Victoria Nilsen

Commercial Analysis Manager, finn.no

“We integrated our CRM system with MI Pro’s automatic feedback system which was solved in a very simple and effective way.”

Øystein Eriksen

CEO, One Call

“I recommend taking a look at the solutions that MI Pro has to offer – I’m pretty sure that it will contribute to a higher productivity.”

Mikael Ohlsson

Operations Manager, Novus

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In 2015 we had over 99.98% uptime (less than 2 hours down time).


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MI Pro offers a wide range of services and can help you in all situations.


We offer many add-ons for our products so you can gain even more insight into your data.

Our software



Get more out of your data with our new analysis tool Superdig. This user-friendly application gives you a new and easy way quickly to access the key information that you want from your data. Superdig is all about simplifying data analysis.


Research Studio 6

With Research Studio 6 you use the same productive, flexible and highly intuitive survey program for all your research requirements: just one tool to learn and one consistent approach.